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  • Queue Everywhere

    Queue online videos to Watch Later through phone, tablet and computer.

  • Collect Videos You Love

    Organize and present stylish collections.

  • Watch Later on Any Screen

    Watch videos via phone, PC, or TV with OVO.

  • How do I queue videos to my Watch Later?

    Web OVO‧Q

    Search or browse YouTube videos, and click the right-top button on the video to add to watch later.

    Chrome Extension Get the Extension

    Queue videos from video services when you browse videos you are interested in.

    Android App Get the App

    Add to OVO‧Q from Video Apps (Android share page)

    Via Email

    Email video url from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion to via your OVO‧Q account through any device.

  • How do I create collections?

    Create collections and collect videos you love.

    Web OVO‧Q

    Chrome Extension Get the Extension

  • How do I organize my collections?

    You could change cover, re-order and move to another collection easily.

  • What video services does OVO‧Q support?

    YouTube and Dailymotion, and more services will be supported.

  • How could I enjoy online videos on TV?

    Please visit to learn more about OVO.